About Us

I wish I’d said that at the time.¬†Ever thought that?

When things need explaining and people need convincing but the message is complex, then The Writing Room gets to work. It works by understanding your issue, developing words and sharing them, tailored for multiple audiences with different viewpoints.

At the right time.

That’s how we make it relevant. That’s how we make it convincing. That’s how we make our writing work for you.

The Writing Room is a small, specialised writing resource for clients needing flexible access to high quality writing skills in the commercial/b2b space.

Our writer

A passionate communicator, Tony Bloomer began his career in the London PR agency world with top 5 firm The Grayling Group. He has since worked in consultancies and in-house communications roles for leading brands like Clerical Medical and Halifax, and Tony Bloomerheld senior business leadership roles in large companies. Recently he’s been supporting venture capital firm Hambro Perks helping develop start-ups. This broad background gives him a strong understanding of the needs of both internal and external environments. He can appreciate the expectations of both senders and receivers. It enables him to engage different audiences, with different viewpoints, through the written word. He also holds a Masters degree in Marketing and is a full member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

His passion is for shaping opinions through tackling serious issues in unconventional ways. His number one goal is to grab his readers.



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